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Life's journey

is a series of roads, paths and trails

some well traveled and clearly marked

some full of brush, unmarked and hard to traverse.

Sometimes we walk alone and sometimes

we have wonderful traveling companions

friends, children, lovers - teachers all

if we are lucky and open to their wisdom.

To all my traveling companions

past, present and future

into the winds I send my thanks, my love

and my hopes

that all your journeys are into happiness.

AGT/Stormwind Dec.1998


... ... ..."We are all friends and brothers. We are few and there are many tribes who come from the East and the West, the North and the South. I have come to the top of this hill to dwell because the tribes toward the place of the Rising Sun have sharpened their tomahawks against my people.

For many moons, my tribesmen built their village fires farther and farther westward. My tribe is gone. I have built my lodge here to stay.

I came with my people from the Big Sea Water, near the place of the Rising Sun. I have seen the white man come to the Red Man's shore. I know much of his treachery in dealing with our race. I come to this hill-top to forget the bad and see the good and beautiful things which the Great Spirit has given to the Red People." ... ... ...

Kind Eyes words excerpted from the story "The Good Spirit of Tepee Mountain" published as a collection of Native American stories handed down from family to family in south central Indiana entitled "The Good Spirit of Tepee Mountain" compiled by Mabel Sturtevant, published by Schultz & Schultz, Crawfordsville, IN. Review Press, Crawfordsville, IN. no dates listed, but it was given to me by my mother, given to her by my grandmother so it was probably published in the 1930's or 1940's.

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