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page last updated 12/14/2003

regular updates of things I am thinking about at Corner of Babble and Personal Tangents


(September 2000) At the end of each day I am tired, but I am enjoying stretching these formerly underused brain cells. I occasionally feel "old", but most of the time the students seem to go out of their way to make me feel like one of them with perhaps just a teeny bit more respect than they might otherwise show. In a couple of classes they started calling me "mom", but as near as I can tell it is said affectionately and without sarcasm.


(December 2000) The fall semester is finished and I managed a 4.0. with 11 units. The instructors have gone out of their way to be supportive and encouraging. I even started tutoring in political science. That has been a lot of fun too. I am enrolled in the spring semester for 15 units.

Happy New Year everyone!


Hi there. It has been a while since I had a chance to update these pages- any of them. Returning to school has kept me very busy. I am now finished with the 2001 fall semester. I don't know my grades as yet, but my classes went fine except for statistics. I will know in a couple of weeks if I passed that one. My transfer to Cal State is in the works. I should have enough credits to transfer in the fall of 2002 with junior status and a pretty good GPA, depending on that statistics class I just finished.

The world is different since September 11. I feel like I should say something about that. I had just wakened on that morning and as is my custom, turned on the morning news. I saw the effects of the first plane that went into the World Trade Center. I watched in total confusion as the second plane flew into the towers. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The days went by and everyone seemed in shock. All of the events since then have continued to concern me. And like everyone else, I have begun to question the safety of many things I used to take for granted.

The heroics of the fire and police departments made me proud. Having been on the family side of law enforcement once upon a time, I knew that heroes exist among those men and women who are out there every day doing their jobs, protecting our cities and communities. Every day they go out and know that they may be asked to put their lives on the line for ours and still they go. The same goes for our military men and women- we ask them to do a job and whatever it is, they do it without question. I thank them here for doing the job we ask them to do.

As the new year approaches, I wish all of you joy, health, happiness and love.

Stormwind/AGT 12/2001


January 2002. I passed statistics! yesssssssssssssss!


(August 2002) I am finished with my A. A.. degree, my transfer requirements and have a 3.7 overall GPA. The last class I took was a humanities class- World Mythology. I found it interesting and of course I got an 'A' which always makes for better memories of a class! I also completed and was awarded an International Master Tutoring Certificate.

I am working part time for the summer as a supplemental instruction leader for geology and also creating and putting up items on Web CT (a package for putting instructional material online) for various instructors along with attempting to put my home back into some kind of clean and neat order - a hopeless task!

I won several small scholarships and have a decent financial aid package for the next two years. I have officially been accepted into Cal State University, L.A. and will start in September, working towards a B.S. in Rehabilitation Services. The next step after that is a Masters Degree in marriage and family counseling.

I spoke to and then met my faculty advisor and have my classes planned for two quarters at least . My registration and orientation for transfer students is next week.

The bad news is I have to take another statistics class! The good news is that there are only a couple of lower division classes I need to catch up to everyone else in my program.

My son is all set for his freshman term for Fall at the same community college I just finished. I just got back from a short visit to Indiana, the lake and my father which was a wonderful, but not long enough break. So everything is going very well.

I hope life is going as well for all of you.

Stormwind 4 August 2002


(October 2002) I am settling into a routine at CSU-LA. Classes are not as difficult as I expected, but I haven't taken any tests yet either. The reading load is average, the outside requirements are light, and I probably could have taken at least one more course for the quarter without too much pressure. I have had some personal loss this month, and am working through the pain of that.  My goals haven't changed, but a major source of where I  look for comfort and joy has forcibly changed. I also had one of those major decade starting birthdays. I am not sure how I feel about that either. So in the middle of it all,  I just keep moving. Life is a process, a road, a path. The brush is a little thick right now, but I am navigating in one step at a time fashion.

Thank you Greyowl, for being there when I needed you.

Stormwind 10/20/02


Finals are next week, the obligatory group projects are due and I will let you know after the first of the year how things have gone. But, I think that I might have managed another 4.0 for my first quarter at CSU-LA. One down and five or six quarters to go for the first phase of things.

I hope everyone's holidays, no matter which one or ones you celebrate, are joyous and filled with love.

Stormwind  7 December 2002.


First Quarter grades: 4.0  for 13 units.

Winter quarter classes are going ok. A quarter is a really short time in which to master material. The work is a touch harder, and I am taking 15 units. The time involved has increased dramatically and there are some hoops to jump regarding a writing proficiency exam and a lower division class that they don't think my transfer credits fulfilled. We will see what happens when I talk to the English Department Chair- something I have to do fairly soon or else my spring quarter registration will have a hold placed until I have the necessary paperwork signed and entered. I am hoping to at least test out of the required course and at best, force them to accept what they previously said were equivalent classes. The path winds onward.

Happy New Year!

Stormwind, 24 January 2003


Well, I am into my third quarter at CSU. I have 4.0's for the previous quarters, but this one may see my gpa lowered slightly. I should be writing right now, not playing with webpages. A couple of things made me work on the pages today. One was a nice email from someone who has a great site that I will link to here if I get his permission, and the other was the proliferation of spam recently (see below).

I have an appointment next week for credit by exam for one of the lower division English classes. Then I still have to do something about the WPE (writing proficiency exam). I haven't decided if I will take summer classes. I am a little burned out with this quarter's upper division general ed theme. I will be finished with general ed, but could really use a break. We will see. I have until next Friday to decide. On a positive note, I received an invite to apply for the pre-doctoral program. I am considering it. I also received an invite to teach English for a semester at a Chinese University when I finish my BS. That I will also think about.

My son is doing great in his transition to adulthood, earning good grades as well as working and finding out what motorcycle ownership is all about. He is learning how difficult it is to balance real life and relationships with achieving goals.  If any of you checked out my attempts at poetry you will know what stage he is in.

Everything else is the same. Things are often a little lonely and that gets to me sometimes. But I have a direction, a purpose and several goals. Life goes on.

17 May 2003. Stormwind


June 2003. Grades are in for the Spring quarter and I earned another 4.0.

July 2003. Oops. Make that last quarter GPA 3.96, thanks to one professor who gave me a B+ in a film class.


August 2003. The summer quarter is almost over and a number of things have happened, including a motorcycle accident that totaled my son's new motorcycle (#2, first one was sold to buy the new one) and left him with serious, but recoverable injuries. I am very glad I didn't take more than one class. I decided to create a blog with various thoughts, comments and trivia about life. I am not sure if I will be updating this page, but I will keep the Blog somewhat current. You can find it linked below. As far as I know, the summer class in Drug, Alcohol and Nutrition earned me another A.


November 2003

A second blog was created for the more personal.

Personal Tangents has bits and pieces of the mundane, the slightly deeper philosophical, and the introspective, along with updates about my life.
Corner of Babble has my thoughts about current events and politics. Both blogs are sprinkled with links to things of interest or amusement to me.



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