As a child I was told that I was a descendent of Captain Pipe of the Delaware (Lenape'). In my search for family history I have not yet found that exact connection. I did discover that some of my relatives were listed as "removed" from one location to another from the 1700's through the 1800's as the Delaware were pushed out of their lands. Parts of my family stayed in Ohio, some in Indiana, some went back to Pennsylvania. All seem to have moved frequently, sometimes paralleling historic movements of groups of Delaware. Some may have moved on to Missouri, Kansas, then Oklahoma and perhaps Canada. Piecing together what written family history there is, with things I was told, things my Uncle remembers, various census, death and Native Rolls is a very long process. I have collected many Native American web sites and genealogical sites in my research. I will share some of them here and wish you well in your search for your family history or just a further quest for knowledge about Native American history, culture and current day issues.

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Two essays definitely worth reading:

As I find new or better sites I will update this page. If you have any suggestions please drop a line or sign my guestbook. I will consider adding any Native or genealogical sites to this list.

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In addition, I am looking for Robert Jackson or relatives of Robert Jackson, of Indianapolis, Indiana, a Lt. Commander? in the Navy in WWII, a cousin to my grandmother. One of his family members was known to have compiled a fairly complete family history of the Jackson side of the family.

(Thanks Running Wolf, for the information about rank in the Navy)


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