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    On January 26, 2004, I posed a question at  Personal Tangents :

"What did you do today to nourish your soul?"

The idea rattled around in my head for a while, so I decided to see if I could come up with a similar type of question each Monday.  Some of the original posts have additional links or commentary along with the question. There are no rules- answer anywhere including in comments after the blog post (permalinks listed below), or use the question for self reflection.

All suggestions, comments and feedback are welcome; either in the general comments book or the specific post comments at Tangents or write to stormwind at gmail dot com (or stormwindca at att dot net).

#30. (08/30/04) :: Which is more important to you, the opinion of others about who you are and what you do, or your own?

#29. (08/16/04) :: Do you believe and trust in yourself?

#28. (8/09/04) :: What was the most beautiful sight that crossed your path today?

#27. (08/02/04) :: What did today give you and what did you give to today?

#26. (07/26/04) :: What did you do just for fun or just for your own enjoyment today?

#25. (07/19/04) :: What do you consider the priorities in your life- what things or people are the most important? Does the way you live your life really reflect those priorities?

#24. (07/12/04):: What messages (self-talk) did you give yourself today? Were they on balance more positive or negative? (What messages are you giving yourself? What kind of self-dialogue do you regularly engage in- do you tell yourself good job, or beat yourself up?)

#23. (07/05/04):: How do you feel about celebrations (yours, others, secular, religious- holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc)? What do you do, how do you feel? Why?

#22. (06/28/04):: What do you notice first about a new situation or location? Why and how does it make you feel?

#21. (06/21/04):: What qualities do you value the most - in yourself, in others? Are they the same?

#20. (06/14/04):: What did/ do you avoid doing? Why?

#19. (06/07/04):: What was right about today? this week?

#18. (05/31/04):: What are your reward(s) for the things you did today?

(5/24/04):: Do you spend more time saying I can- to yourself, or more time saying I can't?

#16. (05/17/04):: What new thing did you learn today?

#15. (05/10/04):: What made you laugh today?

#14. (05/03/04):: Fill in the blank: I am happiest when I... ?

#13. (04/26/04):: What risks did you take today?

#12. (04/19/04):: What kind of stress is going on in your life? What do you do about it?

#11. (04/12/04):: What do you really fear and why? Be honest with yourself.

#10. (04/05/04):: What inspires you? What makes you high on life, living? What can you do to be more inspired?

#9. (03/29/04):: Did you offer encouragement to someone today or let them know how much their everyday efforts were appreciated? Were you also that kind to yourself?

#8. (03/22/04):: Did you allow any moments of today to touch your senses and fully register within- for the feel, colors and shapes, scents, tastes, sounds?
Did any of today's moments engage any or all of your senses with awareness?

#7. (03/15/04):: Do you say yes or no to life and living?

#6. (03/08/04):: When you think about who loves and loved you, do you count yourself in the list? Or conversely, when you think about who you love and loved, do you count yourself on the list?

#5. (03/01/04):: What are the top three things you want to do before you die?

#4. (02/23/04):: Are you open to joy? Do you seek it out? Do you examine it for traces of something else to negate it or do you simply open yourself up to accept, experience and feel it in total?

#3. (02/16/04):: Which do you value more, the destination or the journey?

#2. (02/09/04):: What made your heart smile- today or this week? Did you also pass some of that feeling along?

#1. (01/26/04):: What did you do today to nourish your soul?


If you like memes, there are several running around the internet. I really like the Generosity Game basic idea and feel that it has more potential than anything I could come up with... but I also like Unconscious Mutterings and that is just for fun.


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