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Stormwind/AGT Journal

17 August 2003. Sunday, 11:55 AM:

I looked at the site on Blogger again- Stormwind's Corner of Babble. It is pretty easy to use- easier in fact, than using front page and then the ftp program. Perhaps I will change my mind about where to post journal entries. And should I leave the name alone? Indecision seems to be the keyword for this weekend. I have the mundane covered- food, chores, nursing duties, etc--but decisions about anything new seem to have equal amounts in the plus and minus columns. Is S  (or K for that matter - in recent email discussions with each about different topics) of SAK right about the utility theory of things? We weight the effort involved (as costs) against the advantages and then decide. This is what I seem to be doing with plus and minus columns in my head. Is this something I use for everything? Perhaps it merits more investigation. This of course, is a no consequence decision. I find those the hardest to make. I always wonder if  I have forgotten something when it comes to decisions like that. Saving this page and thinking about what is involved in uploading it has made the decision. It *IS* easier to use Blogger. Future journal entries will be found there.

The chicken breasts done on the Foreman Grill yesterday, were a hit.


16 August 2003. Saturday, 4:00PM:

After much thought and investigation, I decided to create this journal on my own home pages. I figured I could put a not so obvious link to it on one of the other pages and let a select few know it was there if they wanted to read. I am not sure what prompted me to decide that a journal was in order, but there are often thoughts that have no other place to go- some more private than others. Should I get into a really good riff  on something that I want to share with a larger audience (one new visitor a day to my pages and a lot of repeat visitors based on the IP tracking stuff), I will upload a short essay page or something along those lines.

The main focus of today has been my paper on neurotransmitters and addiction. I am not any further along in narrowing the focus. There are just too many things floating around in my head about this. I have some of the research that I am thinking about using, but I can't find many sources for the mind/body neurotransmitter connections that I was originally thinking about. I can turn out a dynamite paper that isn't simply an undergrad document, but will take a lot more time than I have, or I can turn out an "A" grade, but less than useful document that satisfies the requirement for this class. It is enough to get the "A", so I will save the research and my growing collection of thoughts about how this knowledge isn't being fully used to help folks out of addiction. Maybe it will make a good paper in the future. The problem is of course, that the studies are out there, but the information hasn't been correlated in a "new" way to improve recovery programs, or at least not that I have yet found.

All of these thoughts about the mind/body and neurotransmitter connections were prompted by the Candice Pert Ph.D. book, Molecules of Emotion, along with the Psych/Emotions/Motivations class taught by Dr. Lewis and the textbook used in that class which is rich in new sources of  neuro/bio/psych studies. Since the Pert book was written, there hasn't been much progress in the medical/scientific community's acceptance that they are not separate entities in the disease process- only within the psychologist community has there been a noticable amount of movement. Homeostasis  is an accepted belief in medical/bio studies, but the field still suffers under the philosophical compromise of the 16th? century, that mind and body are connected, but separate. Our emotions seem to be  in large part the result of neurotransmitters and receptors that exist and are produced everywhere in the body. Add some learned responses to events, our differing methods unique to each human in our ways of dealing with different situations, throw in a few genetic predispositions and one has an emotional human being.  Our emotions are directly linked to the disease process and vice versa. It is ALL connected! 

The addiction process may be *in part* be rooted in the human organism trying to self medicate an imbalance of neurotransmitters in a whole human being- mind and body-- that attempt by all organisms to find homeostasis.

TOO much to think about to write a coherent paper just yet.

Other events of the day: The grocery and miscellaneous shopping for the week is done. The "kid" has been fed a couple of good meals so far today. He is concerned about losing weight. He is looking a little thin in that runner's body of his. I have fresh goodies to feed him, like spinach for salads and chicken breasts to grill along with a couple of steaks amidst all the other stuff we eat weekly. He won't gain much weight that way, but the iron deficiency that was noted before his surgery will improve.

On another note, A friend seemed upset -with me?- in her journal entry on Thursday about SAK. Here is a personal note to her-- I have very few mean bones in my body- and absolutely none that would be directed at you. I thrive on differences of opinion about topics like that. I learn how and why others think what they do, and I get a chance to examine the whys of my own opinion when defending.


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