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Haiku and other Poetic Attempts

by Stormwind

last edited: 01/19/2004

cold freezing rain comes,

pours in the land of sunshine.

never rains- song lies.

Rust hills announce fall

waiting dry for seldom rains

defines me I fear.

magnolia blossoms

carpet the path walked upon

and bring me heart smiles.

missing you much-ly

in conversations my mind

wanders uninvolved.

Fifteen hundred miles

away from you I dream of

your eyes, smile, your touch.


Lonely for the whole

dreaming is not enough to

make the longing go



My child no longer needs me quite the same.

still my child,

but adulthood settles

around his head and hands

and begins to comfortably drift

to drape his strong shoulders

but not yet to his feet.

His feet still come home at night,

but I think not for long.


And I am free to contemplate

this life, mine, yet to be lived

this marriage

 that is little more than habit

the years

that will come next.

What do two people say to each other

when they are no longer involved

in each others lives?


What to say when our child's feet

no longer come home at night?


What do people say

when they sleep in separate rooms,

go their separate ways,

do their separate things?

When their child is all that binds them,

what do they do when those feet

don't come back at night,

when nothing else remains?

My child no longer needs me quite the same.

2/04/02 AGT/Stormwind


Jacaranda trees

bloom purple last hurrahs as

you withdraw your heart.


should'a, would'a, could'a
-just words.
doing now, actions next time,
are all that matter.


house shakes, mildly waves,

glass vibrates, done until the

next aftershock comes.

Five Seven Five sounds

searching for the right words

becomes addicting.


Where is the love that says good morning
a touch, a smile to begin our day.

Where is the love that says good evening
a hug that we are home together again.

Where is the love that says good night
kisses and arms to hold each other close.

Where is the love that shares our joys
our losses, our triumphs,

and gives me hope.


anxiously waiting

check email, not THE email.

again? HERE! relief.

wasn't supposed to work
this way.
i love you, you love me,
isn't there supposed to be
some kind
of happily ever after?
when they said
love is all you need,
they didn't say
but only
if you are under 25.


While these few pieces are not all Haiku, I find the 5-7-5 syllable format enjoyable. For the Haiku purists- the sometimes lack of seasonal reference and other important characteristics will be enough for them to dismiss the haiku attempts. Ah such is life. Stormwind


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