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"To forget one's ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without root." (Chinese Proverb)

Partial Family History

Jackson, (Tuttle, Hughes)


Known Children of Asa Jackson and Phoebe Tuttle:

children of James McVicar Jackson and Amelia Brant Hughes:

known grandchildren, g.grandchildren of James and Amelia Jackson:


That the family was part Delaware (Lenape') and descendents of Capt. Pipe, was passed down the last three generations as a partial story. The details have become lost. When blending in with white society, having Native relatives or ancestors was not something talked about openly. References to "removed" in various family histories is often significant. Discrimination was and is still sometimes a factor. My uncle remembers my g.grandfather as being proud we were related to Pipe, but deliberately vague when it came to details... changing the subject when asked. In 1952, my g.grandfather applied for and received a decree to establish date and place of birth, a legal document to use instead of a birth certificate. On the document it states that it is not proof of citizenship, even though it affirms that he was born in Meadville, PA. Native Americans were still not granted American citizenship when he was born. All other persons born on American soil were automatically granted American citizenship, no matter the citizenship of the parents.  It does not list his parents, and I only know who his grandparents were, not his father or mother. My Uncle also remembers going to school with a cousin who was part Shawnee.  My biological father's line appears to have Cherokee and possibly Lenape relatives, but it is not posted here.

Many of the people in the above list were never part of any census of the area in which they were living, even though census records exist for each of those areas in those time periods. Some of their movements parallel movements of known groups of Lenape. I continue to search as time and money permit.

There are other branches of my family and I will post those as I find more of those threads. A page for the two Pennsylvania Dutch sides of the family is under construction.

In addition, I am looking for Robert Jackson or relatives of Robert Jackson, of Indianapolis, Indiana, a Lt.Commander? in the Navy in WWII, a cousin to my grandmother. One of his family members was known to have compiled a fairly complete family history of the Jackson side of the family.

(Thanks Running Wolf, for the information about rank in the Navy)


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