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17 August 2003, Noon. Chicken Breasts: I briefly marinated them in a teaspoon of olive oil and slightly more lemon juice sans spices as the son doesn't like the same spices I do. He didn't even use his favorite barbeque sauce, preferring the taste exactly as they were cooked. Improvisation worked well.

16 August 2003, 4:00 PM: Borrowing a sometimes note in my friend's journal listing new recipes she has tried, I will list one of my favorite ways to use fresh spinach in case she is reading this: Wash, pat dry,  take off the stems of the spinach and tear into bite sized pieces, then add any number of things to the mix such as avocado pieces, turkey bacon pieces, home made croutons, sliced hard boiled eggs, a little bit of chopped onion, etc. Toss those, then ring the outside of the dish with chilled mandarin oranges or tangerines. Son likes it sans dressing, but I like about a teaspoon of a nice fat free Italian dressing on it added before the oranges. The dressing can also be made from scratch fairly easily. This salad is high in iron, B vitamins, and depending on the other things added it also has protein and vitamin C.


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