Sunday, June 26, 2005 (last revised)

The Short version

I started with some home pages reflecting some of my interests and progressed to blogging. I kept a short journal of updates as a few readers/users of my original pages expressed an interest to see how things went as I returned to school rather late in life.

The quick list of some of the labels that could apply to me:

  • Boomer generation (crossed the fifty line)
  • Los Angeles area resident much of adult life
  • present university student pursuing one of three future the second of three degrees in psychology related disciplines
  • grew up in the Midwest (Southern Central Indiana)
  • Independent/Libertarian leaning politically
  • diverse and eclectic interests
  • mother of a just turned 21 year old college student living at home

My screen name isn't from some clever choice, but used because it is the intended meaning of one of the names my mother chose for me.

Want to read the longer 'about me' version? Then go here.

Want to see some of my other pages? Then go here.

Want to go back to my blogs?
Personal Tangents is pretty much daily- eclectic and quote filled.
Corner of Babble is mostly political, current events and research article oriented, with some commentary and only sporadic postings.
Storm4 is primarily a link blog, sometimes with short notes.
Oh yeah almost forgot: there is a test blog for playing around with the Blogger templates and toys. There isn't much there, but occasionally I post links or ask for suggestions. I am still self-teaching new things about html, css and the like.

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