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a little about me

So you want to know who created these pages and you came here looking for some information about me.

I grew up in southern Indiana on a lake surrounded by forests and farmland (a wonderful place to grow up!), moved to Southern California in the late '70's, where I met my second husband (in the early 80's) and had a son. I have a variety of interests, most of which have taken a back seat to raising our son, this marriage, and just the general mundane things that take over a life. Our son is a great kid who will make a positive difference in the world. Being his mother is a joy. As for the rest of my life- time will tell.

I have decided to finally get my college degree. I was too busy trying to jump into adult life and support myself when I was in my late teens and twenties and then too busy raising a child in my thirties and early forties, to think more than just occasionally about getting my degree. I did take a few classes in the 80's before my son was born, but didn't take more than I needed to secure a promotion I was interested in at the time.

In July 2000, I enrolled in a local community college for the fall semester starting mid-August, 2000. I am not as young as most adult re-entry students, but not as old as some either. At present (2002), I am enrolled in a local University pursuing what I hope to be one of three future degrees (B.S. in Rehabilitation Services will be completed in September 2004, and I have been accepted in the program leading to a M.S. in Counseling beginning in September 2004; Maybe a Psy.D. is somewhere in the future).

Did you want to know something about my interests? Just about everything interests me for at least a while- some things to more of a depth and degree than others.

I have an interest in philosophy, psychology, and sociology. I have a curiosity about a variety of sciences such as weather, geology and seismology (but not enough to make any of them my life study). I held an amateur radio license in the 70's (wd9aun), and electronics and computers fascinate me along with the internet of course, including the ethical/legal/where are we going issues.

I enjoy music and art of all kinds (play, sketch, and craft a little too), and I enjoy fiction (including movie and television) of all kinds, but especially sci-fi and the thriller/mystery/spy/military/legal/cop/medical sorts of escape fiction. I read and enjoy non-fiction of all sorts too.

I am interested in law, politics and political issues- local, state and federal.... and if you want to know if I am liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, it depends on the issue!! I wish more people cared. I wish more people at least voted!! I would like to see stronger alternative parties nationwide. We really do need to reduce the influence of big money on our whole system, but that and all other political thoughts are rants for another page.

If you checked out my other pages then you know that I have an interest in genealogy, Native American issues and that I enjoy cleverly written, humorous and/or thought provoking words.

I like to walk, take short hikes (when there is time and partners to hike with), and I do make an attempt to keep this middle aged body from growing zaftig.

I am sure that I have left any number of things out of this list, but it is a very long list as you can see. A lot of these things overlap, so they aren't really as diverse as they might seem at first glance. But there are enough topics and interests to fill much more than the next 50 or so years of my life! (yes, I hope to be around, alert, alive and kicking that long or maybe longer)

So there you go. Did you find out anything that you wanted to know? Or did you want to know something more basic and superficial like a physical description or a zodiac sign? or something else?

Perhaps I will update this page and let you know how it goes being a student again at this stage in life. Maybe I will even add a picture or two.

Until then, thanks for visiting my WebPages and please sign my guestbook so that you are more than a number on my tracking and counter pages...

14 July, 2000, Stormwind/Agt

(revised 07/05/2004)


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